Globally Competent Engineering Graduates

Throughout the past decades engineering majors have greatly developed, allowing for the accurate selection of employees and the professional individuals for projects. But as the number of engineering projects continuously increases, organizations try to ensure that their employees are competent enough to perform the work responsibly; which is possible, but hard to guarantee. So, the question is are there any teaching methods can guarantee that various competencies are taught at the undergraduate level?

Almost certainly a competent performance for any job-position depends on self-discipline and management, but there are many other competencies and attributes that need to be considered such as communicating ideas, proper decision making, recognizing different perspectives and many others. Different ways of teaching have been developed that can help shape students’ skills and attributes, but most them have not been applied at a large scale due to the instructors who remain using the traditional teaching methods. I am not suggesting the elimination of traditional methods of education, but rather just complementing them with different ways of teaching to shape more competent engineers for the future.

Traditional assignments are considered an important part of most curricula, since it provides the basic knowledge which then allows students to apply in new tasks. Engineering educators should utilize new teaching pedagogies in their courses to educate and mentor the future engineers to help them develop the competencies necessary for the workplace. Professions like civil engineering want graduate students to possess more than knowledge and skill. For example, project management competencies, success competencies, and intellectual development.


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