Classroom Moments Teachers Face

Teaching is a great profession, and having tried working both in the industry and teaching at a university, I would never go back to the industry. Teaching is something I enjoy, interactions with new students every semester, going through the good moments, and the more challenging ones!

Usually when I blog use pictures to elaborate more on the topic. So after all those blogs I wrote, and having looked through most of the ‘teacher memes’ online, I realized a trend in the majority of them. The moments teachers face are actually quite funny (even though that might not be the case at that moment). I’m sure all teachers can relate the following experiences to themselves, so, enjoy…

I personally cannot teach when my students are talking in the background! Firstly, it makes me feel like I’m talking to myself, and secondly, which is more important, I usually get curious to what their conversations are during my ‘important class’. If they still continue to talk, I can’t help but put on this face on..

Some of the courses I taught included written assessments as part of the requirements. That meant that every lecture has information that could possibly be included in the assessment. So, another case I commonly encounter  is when students who missed a couple of classes come to me asking if they still need to take the assessment.. Mr. Bean’s face perfectly describes what I feel like..

But this also doesn’t mean I want students to come in during the days they feel sick…

But regardless of all those moments, after all, it’s mutually beneficial experience and I take full pleasure in teaching. I’m also sure my students have their moments with their teachers too, and I’ll be excited to know them one day!





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